Colin Holmes

  • Berlin Calling: American Broadcasters In Service To The Third Reich
    John Carver Edwards – Praeger, 1991 - x+238 pp. - £16.95
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'Collar the lot!' Fifty years ago this summer in Britain, an exotic miscellany of foreign refugees, academics and Italian restauranteurs were rounded up for internment in response to Churchill's famous injunction. Colin Holmes explains the policy, the pressure of the times and their aftermath.

  • Edinburgh Divided, John Cormack and No Popery in the 1930s
    Tom Gallagher - Polygon Books, 1987 – xi + 208pp - £9.95
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Emigration to Australia in the Nineteenth Century

Colin Holmes assesses racial violence in Britain from 1911-19.

Colin Holmes introduces a new series on the arrival of refugees and other foreigners to the country.