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Treasures from the London Library

Dunia Garcia Ontiveros charts the little-known history of the Sami population and the life of Knud Leem, the first person to study their language and culture.

The founder of Liberal Judaism in Britain, Claude Montefiore, died a 'disappointed and embittered' man. Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros explores his vast collection of pamphlets bequeathed to the London Library.

An insight into the London Library's remarkable collection of early English versions of the Bible, at the heart of which is a copy of the King James Bible of 1611.

The story of the book with one of the most dramatic provenances of all those in the collections of the London Library.

In the 16th century, two men from enemy countries both wrote about similar issues of social welfare. Who were they and how did their books end up in the collections of the London Library?

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros reveals the tragic fate of Christopher Saxton's beautiful and deeply influential sixteenth-century Atlas of the counties of England and Wales

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros reveals the tragic story of torture and martyrdom which inspired Robert Persons' book De persecutione Anglicana libellus quo explicantur afflictiones in the collections of the London Library.  

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros explores the life and work of Niccolò Fontana Tartaglia, one of the less fortunate and most cantankerous polymaths of the Italian Renaissance.

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros considers the works of three authors who, during the religious fervour of 16th-century Europe, moved away from the Church and wrote about magic.

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros explores the work and influence of William Allen, who fought to restore Roman Catholicism to England during the reign of Elizabeth I.

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros explores the works of Thomas Hill, the author of the first popular gardening books in the English language.

Continuing our Treasures from the London Library series, Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros explores views of love in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros discovers a 16th-century book in the collections of the London Library with a fascinating and turbulent history.

Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros discusses three 16th-century voyage narratives from the collections of the London Library.

Launching our new 'Treasures from the London Library' series, Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros highlights several books with examples of both Catholic and Lutheran visual propaganda used during the Reformation. 

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