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Fin de Siècle: the 1890s

David Irwin chronicles how the imagery of the natural world entwined itself luxuriantly in the visual arts of the 1890s.

Paul Dukes surveys how historians of 1900 viewed their pasts and the prospects of the 20th century.

A mission to the heathen? Hugh MacLeod looks at working-class attitudes towards organised Christianity in fin de siecle Berlin and other urban centres.

Sarah Pepper investigates a medical pioneer whose name survives today on a bread wrapper, but whose sweeping system of wholefoods and natural prescriptions offended the medical establishment of late Victorian England.

Richard Overy examines how technological advances in the air and on the road gave society a jump-start at the end of the nineteenth century.

Trevor Fisher chronicles the backlash against libertarianism in art and literature in the closing years of the Victorian era.

Lawrence James looks at the melange of racial theory, economic interest and Boys' Own 'derring-do' that fuelled European ambitions for a 'place in the sun'.

Highbrow or lowbrow? James Gilbert looks at the competing visions of American civilisation on offer at Chicago's fin de siécle Exposition of 1893.

Ian Bradley looks at what qualified as family favourites in the last decade of the nineteenth century.

An end to the old order - Clive Lee looks at the pressures and changes that marked out the 1890s as a frontier post in a settled world economy.

From isolation to Great Power status - Richard Perren explains how a mania for Westernisation primed the pump of Japan's transformation at the turn of the century.

Daniel Pick looks at change, melodrama and decay in the creative work of the artists of the Fin de Siècle 1890s period.

Si Fullinwider analyses how the nineteenth-century values of sexless 'respectability' were challenged by the ambiguities stirred up by Freud's delving into the unconcious.

Paul Dukes introduces a major series on the 1890s

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