Louis XIV; & The Reign Of Louis XIV

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Two new publications on the French monarch

  • Louis XIV
    Francois Bluche - Basil Blackwell, 1990 - xvi+ 702 pp. - £30
  • The Reign Of Louis XIV: Essays In Celebration Of Andrew Lossny
    Edited by Paul Sonnino - Humanities Press, 1990 - vii+ 267 pp. - £37.50

A collection of essays on different aspects of the reign of Louis XIV – its demographic history, its economic history, its religious history and so on – is a sensible idea and could have resulted in a book which would serve as a particularly useful teaching aid. The volume edited by Paul Sonnino with the assistance of Roosen, Rule and Steen falls somewhat short of this objective. This is, in part, because of undue editorial modesty: Sonnino provides neither introduction nor conclusion. Instead, the volume begins with a celebration of Andrew Lossky, to whom it is dedicated.

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