The Longman-History Today Prize 2012

One of Britain’s finest Renaissance scholars and a ground-breaking study of the night in Early Modern Europe were among the winners­ at our annual celebration of excellence in history.

Gordon Campbell and Paul LayThis year’s Longman-History Today Trustees Award was given to Gordon Campbell, Professor of Renaissance Studies at the University of Leicester. The award recognises a person or organisation that has made a major contribution to history. Campbell, a Renaissance man in every sense, is a world-renowned authority on the life and work of John Milton and has written widely on classical antiquity, garden history, legal history, art, architecture and, increasingly, the Islamic world. He was presented with the award by the Editor of History Today, Paul Lay, at a reception held on January 11th at the Museum of the Order of St John in London.

In a notable feat of scholarship, confirmation of his mastery of historical theology and Biblical studies Campbell edited Oxford University Press’s 400th Anniversary Edition of the King James Bible. Last year he also produced the succinct, accessible Bible: The Story of the King James Version 1611-2011 (OUP). One passage from that book, read out at the awards evening, serves to remind us of what an extraordinary intellectual feat the creation of the KJV represented:

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