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The Diary of Baron Waldstein

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Translated and Annotated by G. W. Groos

The Diary of the Young Czech, Baron Waldstein, admirably translated and annotated, describes the tour he made in England in 1600. It is very like those of Hentzner in 1598 and Platter in 1599, and describes much the same sights: Canterbury Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Old St. Paul's (with Hatton's recent tomb the most spectacular); Whitehall, the Tower, Greenwich; Oxford and Cambridge; Theobalds, Burghley House, Holdenby; above all the Queen herself, to whom Waldstein was presented and upon whom she made the usual impression. Greatly impressed by the wealth of England, the young man thought the colleges much richer than they were, as also the Archbishop of Canterbury, whose revenue's came mainly from tithes, not rents, Beautifully produced and illustrated, the book has been enabled to be published by a subsidy from Saudi Arabia. Such is our time.

A. L. Rowse

The Diary of Baron Waldstein.

Thames and Hudson; 184 pp.

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