Bookwatch: Fascist Italy

Mark Robson has been using new textbook on Mussolini's Italy with his students.

Fascist Italy
John Hite and Chris Hinton
John Murray (SHP Advanced History), 1998 274 pp, £11.99
ISBN 0 1795 7341 6

John Hite and Chris Hinton have produced an ambitious and very well researched study of Fascist Italy aimed at A- Level students. The jacket states that the aim is to help students make the leap from GCSE to A-Level, but this text is not simply an introduction to the study of Mussolini's regime. It is a comprehensive, in depth study of the key questions concerning Italian Fascism. Fascist Italy examines the rise of Fascism, the establishment of the Dictatorship, the nature of the regime, the issue of whether the Duce managed to create a nation of Fascists, and foreign policy. In addition there are useful and interesting case studies of the Mafia under Fascism and thumb nail sketches of key personalities such as Giolitti and D'Annunzio, not to mention the women in Mussolini's life.

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