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An interactive look at the Dutch-born artist's wartime art.

Posted Tue 11th March, 11:03 · Comments

Jane Winters reviews two theatrical adaptations of Hilary Mantel's historical novels.

Posted Thu 6th March, 09:15 · Comments

Historians are beginning to reengage with their discipline as a social science, a move welcomed by Paul Lay.

Posted Wed 5th March, 11:25 · Comments

In Ukraine, it’s not just the future which is at stake. It’s the past, too.

Posted Tue 4th March, 11:10 · Comments

John Logie Baird's early television set is beset by some familiar criticism.

Posted Thu 27th February, 14:06 · Comments

What links the Austrian-born film star with Jonathan Swift and Andy Warhol?

Posted Thu 27th February, 12:16 · Comments

Update to popular Streetmuseum app includes 100s of photographs from the capital's past.

Posted Wed 26th February, 10:04 · Comments

We speak to Calder Walton, the author of Empire of Secrets: British Intelligence, the Cold War and the Twilight of Empire.

Posted Tue 25th February, 16:48 · Comments

A recap of the recent event organised by the British Library and History Today.

Posted Tue 18th February, 16:44 · Comments

England. Scotland and Wales as drawn by Matthew Paris in the monastery at St Albans, circa 1250.

Posted Mon 17th February, 11:42 · Comments

Intimacy in the Industrial Revolution, rewriting Hungary's past and Brazil in the First World War.

Posted Thu 13th February, 12:31 · Comments

The duo find themselves at the inaugural games of the Flavian Ampitheatre.

Posted Thu 13th February, 12:08 · Comments

A history cartoon by Rob Murray.

Posted Thu 13th February, 11:58 · Comments

This month's quiz features questions on the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dreyfus Affair and Haitian independence.

Posted Thu 13th February, 11:26 · Comments

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