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The time travellers explore the African interior with Burton and Speke.

Posted Fri 12th September, 10:46 · Comments

In the October edition of History Today, Linda Porter looks at the short but distinguished rule of James V of Scotland.


Posted Thu 11th September, 10:51 · Comments

In this episode, Roger Moorhouse joins us to discuss the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939-41.

Posted Thu 4th September, 09:12 · Comments

In embracing tattoos, the people of Britain are returning to their ancient roots, argues Paul Lay.

Posted Wed 3rd September, 09:20 · Comments

Philippa Joseph reviews an exhibition at the National Gallery, London.

Posted Tue 2nd September, 09:11 · Comments

A map of women's political rights around the world, from 1892 until the present day.

Posted Wed 13th August, 09:40 · Comments

The time-travellers board the ill fated ship.

Posted Wed 13th August, 09:30 · Comments

Richard Suggs on the history of ghoulish impersonations.

Posted Tue 12th August, 08:43 · Comments

The Night of the Long Knives, postage history and more.

Posted Thu 7th August, 13:46 · Comments

In the first of an ocassional series on classic history books, Daniel Swift revisits Paul Fussell's The Great War and Modern Memory

Posted Tue 5th August, 09:12 · Comments

In this episode of the podcast, the American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns talks to Paul Lay about his latest documentary, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.

Posted Fri 1st August, 14:04 · Comments

How well do you know the Great War?

Posted Fri 1st August, 11:06 · Comments

New project from The National Archives shows global scale of conflict.

Posted Fri 1st August, 08:40 · Comments

This week's additions to the History Today archive.

Posted Thu 31st July, 10:41 · Comments

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