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By Paul Lay

A recap of the recent event organised by the British Library and History Today.

By Dean Nicholas

England. Scotland and Wales as drawn by Matthew Paris in the monastery at St Albans, circa 1250.

By Dean Nicholas

Newsreels produced in France during the Vichy regime, the collaborationist government established in 1940.

By Hannah Grieg

Hannah Greig reviews an exhibition at the British Library.

By Paul Lay

Paul Lay is impressed by the National Gallery director's dismissal of the 'numbers game' when considering the success of blockbuster art shows.

By Alexander Lee

Alexander Lee explores the scandalous lives of French Presidents.

By Justin Pollard

What links the great artist with the first jet plane?

By Dean Nicholas

An interactive look at Willem van de Velde the Elder's drawings from the Battle of Sole Bay.

By Dean Nicholas

All the news from our annual awards extravaganza.

By Sam Fowles

If one is looking for a single definitive cause for Europe’s collective decision to fight in 1914, the only certainty is disappointment, argues Sam Fowles.

By Vanessa Harding

Vanessa Harding looks at a valuable if often overlooked online resource for historical research.

By Dean Nicholas

Some of our most popular articles from the past year.

By Dean Nicholas

A short video about an artwork at Kensington Palace, London.

By Paul Lay

The editor offers a brief introduction to the new-look History Today