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Posted Thu 24th April, 11:53 · Comments

Newsreel archive uploaded to YouTube.

Posted Wed 23rd April, 10:05 · Comments

Two hundred years ago this month, the Treaty of Fontainebleau saw Napoleon exiled to Elba. Why was he treated so lightly?

Posted Tue 15th April, 14:57 · Comments

The time-travelling pair continue their adventure with a visit to Shangdu.

Posted Fri 11th April, 09:32 · Comments

The last days of India's first prime minister, travels with the King of Siam and how the Scots invented Britishness.

Posted Thu 10th April, 10:22 · Comments

This month's quiz features questions on the Crimean War, the first European in New Zealand and the Suez Canal.

Posted Wed 9th April, 10:33 · Comments

Does the death of French medievalist Jacques Le Goff mark the end of an era in historical scholarship, asks Alexander Lee.

Posted Tue 8th April, 09:02 · Comments

The ancient king tries a more modern approach to stopping the waves.

Posted Fri 4th April, 16:07 · Comments

The New York Public Library has released over 20,000 maps and cartographic works into the public domain under a Creative Commons licence.

Posted Wed 2nd April, 13:05 · Comments

Images of the 14th-century skeletons discovered beneath the streets of the capital.

Posted Mon 31st March, 10:30 · Comments

Charlotte Crow talks to Jessie Childs about her article in the April issue of History Today, Beware the Foul Fiend.

Posted Fri 28th March, 12:06 · Comments

Paul Lay considers the late MP's contribution to and understanding of England's radical tradition.

Posted Fri 14th March, 12:37 · Comments

The Scottish time travellers encounter the Queen of the Iceni.

Posted Thu 13th March, 14:36 · Comments

A recent televisual account of the First World War leaves Paul Lay feeling underwhelmed.

Posted Thu 13th March, 12:40 · Comments

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