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General Sir James Abbott: Founder of Abbottabad

The town of Abbottabad,  whose clement climate and wooded hills attract Pakistani elites from the heat of the nearby capital Islamabad, will now forever be associated with the killing of Osama bin Laden. Which gives a certain immortality to this man, James Abbott, the British army officer and colonial administrator who founded the town in 1853 and after whom it is named. From there he governed the newly conquered Hazara district and used the military base for attacks against the Pashtun tribesmen and Islamic militants to the north. Born in 1807, Abbott, a career soldier, joined the Bengal Artillery at 16 and distinguished himself in the Great Game between Britain and Russia. Following the First Sikh War of 1846, he pacified Hazara and became it governor. He died in the Isle of Wight in 1896.