January Issue Out Now for Tablets

Our January issue is out now for the iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Benjamin Ziemann introduces Karl Mayr, midwife to Adolf Hitler’s political career;

  • Tom Wareham tells the true story of the notorious pirate Captain Kidd;
  • Adrian Bell and Richard Dale see parallels between modern marketing techniques and efforts to attract pilgrims to shrines across medieval Europe.
  • Tim Stanley is unimpressed by current appetites for period lite TV drama;
  • Synnøve Veinan Hellerud describes how Hákon the Good was inspired by Athelstan of England to transform tenth-century Norway into a well-ordered Christian kingdom.
  • Frances Larson presents the designer Syrie Maugham, who dazzled 1920s London with her all-white interiors and her vibrant love life.
  • and Clive Emsley questions the historical evidence for electing police commissioners.

The tablet edition also contains an interview with Tom Wareham, who discusses his research into Captain Kidd's life. 

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