Video: "Desert Victory" - The Second Battle of El Alamein

[video: width: 612px]

On October 23rd 1942, in the deserts of north Africa, the Second Battle of El Alamein began. Raging over the next two weeks, the battle would result in a morale-boosting victory for the Allies, and mark a decisive turning point in the war. By the folllowing May, Montgomery's counter-offensive had succeeded in driving Axis forces out of the region.

Much of the battle was captured on film by the filmmaker Roy Boulting, sent to the front by commanders aware of the potential propaganda uses of a decisive victory over Rommel's troops. Boulting's footage was eventually made into the film Desert Victory, which won the Oscar for Best Documentary at the 1943 Academy Awards. You can watch a short clip from Desert Victory above.

Read more about El Alamein, and in particular how Boulting's film represented a tour de force in terms of wartime documentary and national effort, in El Alamein: The People's Battle, by Michael Paris, which was published in our November 2002 edition.