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History around the Web: March 2nd

Paddington station in the 19th centuryHistory in the headlines and the best articles, essays, reviews and photo galleries we've seen around the internet this week. Jump into the comments with anything else you'd recommend.

  • Britain's National Archives has launched a microsite dedicated to all things Titanic, including a timeline, eyewitness accounts and biographies of some of the passengers. (National Archives)
  • Warfare in Africa: It's no longer about the 'classic wars by freedom fighter' but has shifted into something less easy to understand. (New York Review)
  • Pear of Anguish, Saint Elmo's Belt, the Heretic's Fork and the Spanish Tickler: some of the torture devices used by the Spanish Inquisition. (Literary Review)
  • The parallels between the West's growing confrontation with Iran, and that with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. (Guardian)
  • Photographs of Auschwitz-Birkenau, then and now. (BBC)
  • Original blueprints for Britain's railways, including work by Brunel, Stephenson and Wren, go online at the Network Rail archive. The BBC has further images. (Guardian)
  • A citizens' guide to the American-Canadian War of 1812. (The Walrus)

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