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In the February Issue of History Today

Front cover of the February issue

The February edition of History Today features a bold re-assessment of the life and reign of King John, a ruler too often reduced to a pantomime villain. Graham E. Seel argues that, in fact, John was a formidable and skilful monarch.

Also in this issue:

- Christopher Farman tells the dramatic story of the Britons who fought for the Republic in the Spanish Civil War;

- Michael Roberts looks at 18th and 19th century attempts to address the issue of social breakdown;

- James Ellison takes a long view of Britain’s relationship with Europe;

- Ian Donnachie looks at the career of the industrialist and social reformer Robert Owen;

- Armand D’Angour looks at the Greek approach to novelty;

- and Tim Stanley delves into the delights of Islam.

The February issue is on newstands on January 19th; subscribe today and ensure you never miss a copy.

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