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In the January Issue of History Today

The January edition of History Today casts a cold eye on the Versailles Treaty and its shabby treatment of an undefeated Germany in the years following the First World War. Antony Lentin examines a troubled event whose consequences were terrible and continue to resonate throughout a divided Europe today.

Also in this issue:

- Nicholas Mee, in an extraordinary piece of historical detective work, suggests the identity of the patron of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, one of the literary masterpieces of the Middle Ages;

- Peter Ling explains how the media created the image of the black US activist Malcolm X both in life and death;

- David Torrance re-assesses the roles of Glasgow and Aberdeen in the Scottish Enlightenment;

- Simon Heffer warns readers of the perils of bias in the writing of history;

- Roger Rideout explores the origins of the Royal Zoological Society in London;

- and Paul Lay pays tribute to the pioneering historian Kevin Sharpe.

Plus, an interview with Lucy Worsley; a round-up of historical fiction; the quiz, the Contrarian, the crossword, comment and more.

The January issue is on newstands on December 22nd; subscribe today and ensure you never miss a copy.

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