The History Today Podcast: October 2011

After trialling it throughout this year, we have now re-launched the History Today podcast in a longer, episodic format, with several interviews per show.

In the October edition:

- Jonathan Fenby, who wrote The Birth of China's Tragedy in the current issue of the magazine, talks about the Chinese revolution of 1911, the centenary of which is celebrated this month;

- Nigel Jones charts the history of the Tower of London, in particular the Tower's extraordinary 20th-century history when it was notably used as a prison during the First and Second World Wars. Nigel Jones is the author of Blood, Theft and Arrears, one of the feature articles of the October issue of the magazine, about the audacious attempt by Colonel Blood to steal the Crown Jewels;

- Helen and William Bynum discuss their latest book, Great Discoveries in Medicine.

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