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Video: A Scene From "Victim"


In the October issue of History Today, Andrew Roberts writes about the enduring impact of Basil Reardon'sVictim, the 1961 film that challenged the perception of homosexuality in Britain.

In the above scene, cited in Roberts' essay, Dirk Bogarde's character professes his desire for his former male lover. As Roberts writes in his essay:

It was Bogarde who penned the scene in which Farr screams in anguish to his wife just why he stopped seeing ‘Boy Barrett’, for one simple reason: ‘Because I wanted him!’ It was the first time such a statement had ever been uttered in any mainstream English-language film.

Tame though it may appear now, the scene was a milestone for its time, particular as the phrase was uttered by one of the most high profile actors of his generation.