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Danes about to invade England. From "Miscellany on the life of St. Edmund" from the 12th century.

Did the Vikings succumb to climate change?

A recent investigation into the collapse of a Viking colony in Greenland, in 1350, has suggested that climate change was to blame. Harsh weather conditions may have made farming more difficult, and a build-up of ice in the ocean hindered the colony's ability to trade with their European neighbours.

Jamaica would have been "better off British"

More than half of the respondents to a poll in The Gleaner, a newspaper in Kingston, Jamaica, believe that the island would have been better off remaining as a British colony. A year ahead of its 50th anniversary celebrations, 60% of the 1,000 people surveyed apparently sided with the British. However, the result has a political flavour: the current Prime Minister wishes Jamaica to become a full-fledged republic, while many wish to retain the Queen as head of state.

Statue of Ronald Reagan unveiled

A statue of the late President was unveiled at Grosvenor Square, London, outside the US Embassy, to mark Reagan's centenary and the 4th July celebrations of American independence. A piece of the Berlin wall, marking Reagan's role in bringing the Cold War to an end, sits at the statue's feet.

Kerala's treasures

Exploration of a vault hidden deep beneath a temple in Kerala, India, has uncovered a collection of jewels estimated to be worth £12.5 billion, more than India's entire education budget. The sackloads of diamonds, gold coins and jewellry were discovered at the 16th-century Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, in Thiruvananthapuram.

'Commando' turns 50

The long-running British war comic, Commando, turned 50 this month. Founded in July 1961, the title features stories inspired by and set in the two World Wars, but despite the historic subject matter, it has been quick to latch on to modern technology: an iPad edition was launched last year.