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Paul Doolan looks at the continuing controversy over Dutch 'police operations' post-1945 in Indonesia.

Joost Schouten was one of the ablest servants of the 17th-century Dutch East India Company, but he came a serious cropper when his fellow countrymen discovered his ‘crimes against nature’, as Peter Murrell explains.

Volume: 63 Issue: 6 2013

The conquest of Java, now part of Indonesia, is one of the least known episodes of British imperialism. But this short interregnum influenced the governance of the Indian Raj and proved a significant stepping stone in the career of the founder of Singapore, says Tim Hannigan.

Volume: 61 Issue: 9 2011

Merle Ricklefs seeks clues for the future of the troubled archipelago nation in its distant past.

Volume: 53 Issue: 12 2003

Dutch sovereignty was transferred to the United States of Indonesia on November 2nd, 1949.

Volume: 49 Issue: 11 1999

Revolutions and changes of dynasty seem to have happened with the regularity of clockwork on the island of Java. M.C. Ricklefs investigates.

Volume: 49 Issue: 10 1999

Paul Doolan looks at the continuing controversy over Dutch 'police operations' post-1945 in Indonesia.

Volume: 47 Issue: 3 1997

For the past 600 years the island of Java has been the scene for the encounter of the two major cultural and religious traditions of the world.

Volume: 34 Issue: 11 1984

C.R. Boxer describes how the Dutch East-India Company gave unity to the islands of Indonesia much as the English East-India Company laid the foundations of the British Raj—often unwittingly and by a series of gradual steps.

Volume: 8 Issue: 3 1958

Administrator, Orientalist, patron of science and founder of Singapore, Raffles was an enlightened Governor of Java during the British occupation, 1811-1816. By Dorothy Woodman.

Volume: 4 Issue: 9 1954

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