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First built in the 1630s, writes Leonard W. Cowie, Leicester House became the London home of three eighteenth-century Princes of Wales.

On the Neva in 1740, writes Mina Curtiss, Peter the Great’s niece constructed a winter palace.

Philippa Joseph reviews an exhibition at the National Gallery, London.

One of the world's most famous bridges turns 120 years old this week. But its distinctive design almost didn't come to pass.

Leonard W. Cowie traces six centuries in the history of a former London barrier.

A vivid, colourful evocation of the city in AD 315.

Visitors to Venice sometimes notice a little porphyry statue outside San Marco – four warriors in flat-topped helmets who are embracing each other...

Just before lunchtime on September 1st, 1923 the Great Kanto earthquake subjected Tokyo, Yokohama and surrounding areas to almost five minutes of...

These two books, while dissimilar in most ways, are united by their interest in mass building projects that transformed the look and character of...

Andrew Higgott surveys the contested legacy of modern architecture in Britain from the first machine age to the dawn of the digital.