In 1953, while incarcerated in Spandau prison, Albert Speer replied to a letter from his daughter demanding to know how he could have served the...

Roger Hudson describes how the ‘stiffest bridge in the world’ took shape following a railway disaster in 1897.

Why are ruins so attractive? Vandals destroy beautiful buildings, yet aesthetes haunt the remains with sighs of pleasure.  In the 18th century...

The church was consecrated on December 28th, 1065.

Behind the beautiful work of the ‘Father of Glasgow’ lay a deep and lasting love.

Roger Hudson details the rebuilding of the world’s first theme park in south London in 1853.

The monumental city of Persepolis was the pride of the Persian empire until its destruction by fire. Richard Stoneman revisits its builders, Darius and Xerxes, and their role in its construction.

James G. Clark investigates the destruction of western Europe's medieval heritage during the First World War, as churches and cathedrals became targets, and how it made people think anew about their nations's pasts.

The stately, rhythmic elegance of Greek temple architecture has inspired generations of...

Images of the Norman castle, which was largely destroyed during the English Civil Wars.