After 19th-century scholarship had placed the origins of civilisation in the ‘fertile crescent’ from Iran to the Levant, it was tempting to look...

‘Historians and readers’, says the French scholar Pierre Briant at the start of his book, ‘have always been fascinated by the history of great...

John Ruskin anathematised the painter J.M.W. Turner as having ‘lived in imagination in ancient Carthage, lived practically in modern Margate …...

Many of the world’s languages derive from a single source. Harry Ritchie tells the story of Proto-Indo-European.

Before its untimely end this once great city was the centre of a vast and powerful civilisation.

Groundbreaking works of history are not often a bare 200 pages in length and generously adorned with...

Charles Bawden discusses the shifting borders and evolving cultures of the Mongolian nation.

R.W. Davies describes the life of the other ranks in the Roman armed services, as recorded in surviving letters.

James Marshall-Cornwall describes how Christianity was spread across modern Turkey during the first century AD.

Neil Ritchie describes a pastoral race who flourished on Sardinia between 1500 and 500 B.C.. The Nuraghi have left us more than seven thousand finely built towers and a host of magnificent bronze figurines.


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