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When Joe Biden said ‘God save the Queen’, was he heralding the end of the republic?

The Italian Social Republic, or Salò, was Mussolini’s German-backed experiment in ‘real Fascism’ and fine living. As Richard Bosworth explains, Italians find it hard to come to terms with its legacy.

The frontiersman and showman died on January 10, 1917.

While modern vegetarianism is concerned largely with issues of animal welfare, its roots are to be found in the desire to promote spirituality by curbing humanity’s excessive appetites, argues Erica Fudge.

Turkey has a long history of coups, but a failed attempt on the life of President Kemal Atatürk in 1926 had a lasting impact on the country. Stefan Ihrig reveals how one foreign journalist recorded the reprisals that followed with admiration – which soon turned to fear.

Behind the traditional story of archaeology, with its pith-helmeted Victorian gentlemen, are the equally important yet neglected stories of its female pioneers. Brenna Hassett shows how their lives are vital to the future of the discipline.

A recently discovered 17th-century shipwreck has caused speculation among experts. Richard Blakemore considers the often overlooked importance of maritime affairs on the course of the Civil Wars. 

Vietnamese national identity has been forged in opposition to foreign invaders. But while a united Vietnam is a recent development, writes Christopher Goscha, the country has long been coloniser as well as colonised.

Motivated by power and prestige, Europeans have long sought a route through the Arctic Ocean connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific. Despite many failures, the lure of the frozen north has enjoyed remarkable longevity. Philip Hatfield considers why. 

Churchill’s vision of Britain’s role in the world may provide the key to Brexit.