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Volume: 51 Issue: 12

Contents of History Today, December 2001

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Lord George Gordon was born on December 26th, 1751.

Stephen Halliday investigates the murky world of financing the London Underground.

Bruce Collins considers the mixture of adventurism, disaster, and lethal reprisal that marked British activities in Afghanistan under Victoria

John Styles marks the opening of the new British Galleries at the V&A with a look at influences and innovations during a dynamic period of design history.

Curator Alex Werner marks the 25th anniversary of the Museum of London

Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrrsen on Gerald L.K. Smith, orator of the far right

Simon Hall and John Haywood on the publication of a new atlas which fills an unexpected gap in the market

The 'puffing devil', the first passenger-carrying vehicle powered by steam, made its debut on a road outside Redruth in Cornwall on December 24th, 1801.

Christine Lalumia sees the 1840s as the key moment in the creation of the modern celebration of Christmas.

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones explains the historical roots of the arguments surrounding the CIA following their failure to anticipate the attacks of September 11th.


Richard Cavendish explains how the Kingdom of Libya was established on December 24th, 1951.

Thomas Fleming's comments on the many calls for 'unconditional surrender'.

Christopher Wilk presents the new galleries presenting the history of design in Britain

Geoffrey Regan explains how the experience of boredom in the classroom set him off into a career as inspirational teacher, writer and broadcaster

Joseph Rykwert considers what has led people through the ages to make collections, sometimes of the most unlikely objects, and discusses the value of their activities...

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