Over Here; & Since You Went Away

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Two new works about Americans - at home and abroad - and the Second World War

  • Over Here: The GIs In Wartime Britain
    Juliet Gardiner - Collins and Brown, 1992 - 224 pp. - £16.99
  • Since You Went Away: World War II Letters From American Women On The Home Front
    Edited by Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith - Oxford University Press, 1991 - 293 pp. - £17.95

Second World War V-Mail was the immediate ancestor of microfilm. To save valuable transport space, in a situation where the US authorities knew that letters from home were vital to the morale of enlisted men, wives and mothers were asked to write on specially designed 8½ by 11 inch stationery. The results were photographed. Mail which would have weighed 2,575 pounds was in this way reduced to 45 pounds. The film was flown overseas, developed, and letters were handed to recipients in photographs half the original size.

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